Certificate in Entrepreneurship

What makes someone entrepreneurial? What are the skills, key qualities and traits they possess? If you want to start a business, it’s essential to learn the specific entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, through authentic learning experiences.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship equips participants with all the tools & knowledge they need to begin an exciting journey in the world of business.

Experience a unique learning programme to hone your entrepreneurial abilities through theory, practice and feedback.


What is in the course?

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is the perfect course for those looking to understand more about running a business and what it takes to be successful.


Students will understand why certain businesses make it and why others fail focusing on not only the businesses but the people who run them, highlighting the key entrepreneurial skills needed for success.


The course is interactive & experiential, students will learn by doing, acquiring a powerful methodology that will allow students to analyse any business and ultimately make good decisions throughout their career.


As well as all of this students will reflect on their key strengths as well as areas for improvement and plan for further
development. Finally, students will take what they have learnt and apply it to their own business idea. 

Over 90% of people who take this course improve their decision making and Entrepreneurial skills
Sample size: 2869
How has it been used?

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is used at the University of Buckingham as part of their credit bearing 10 week Entrepreneurship module. The course focuses on two key aspects. Firstly, assessing and developing student’s key skills and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs. Secondly, helping them to hone and refine their ideas to help them start their business and make them ‘investor ready’.

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