Certificate in Commerciality

Commerciality is becoming increasingly important to employers. In addition to a strong academic background, graduates need to be equipped with a range of core competencies and sounds commercial acumen.

The Certificate in Commerciality has been designed with input from top employers to help graduates make the important transition from education to work covering aspects of the selection and recruitment process. Students discover and develop the key skills and knowledge that is most valued by employers as well assessing their current strengths and developmental needs.


What is in the course?

The Certificate in Commerciality is the perfect course for those looking to learn the fundamentals of business.

Using a structured framework the student will analyse case studies to see the ingredients that combine to make a successful business. They will also analyse the individuals that run the businesses to highlight the key commercial skills needed for success.


The course is interactive & experiential. Participants will develop their commercial skills and knowledge almost without realising it.


As well as their Certificate in Commerciality, those that complete the course will receive a personal diagnosis of their key commercial strengths and weaknesses. On top of this they will also receive an action plan as a starting point for further development and some powerful toolkits that can be taken away.

The Confederation of British Industry surveyed their members. They stated that ‘business awareness’ was the no.1 skill lacking in applicants at grad & post grad level
How has it been used?

Recent case examples where the course has been successfully implemented include the University of Hertfordshire’s Business, Engineering & Law Schools completed by approximately 3000 first year students, the Regent’s University Business and Life Skills module which is part of their MA Global Management Programme and as part as the training programmes offered by the University of Cambridge Graduate Development Team.

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