The Dialectyx School for Education provides innovative learning resources that focus on the development of Commerciality, Entrepreneurship and Employability Skills - using powerful experiential learning to deliver it.



Learn by Experience

The learning resources are packaged in programmes/courses, workshops and toolkits for use across the education sector: from Year 8 to Universities and Training Providers for classroom, online or blended delivery The individual components of all of our learning resources can be easily plugged-in to your modules for instant learning resources. We have worked closely with infotainment providers such as the BBC to enable us to provide rich, engaging and informative content within our learning resources.


Essentials Certificate in 

Advanced Diploma in 


Essentials Certificate in 

Advanced Mini-MBA in 

Commerciality Skills Session/Workshop

A workshop that focuses on developing commerciality using a fast paced role playing business simulation that puts you in the role of a Dragon, giving participants the chance to analyse and invest in real world business case studies from BBCs Dragons' Den.

Powerful Plugins

The individual components of our courses can be easily plugged-in to your modules for instant learning resources

Personal Diagnostic Profiles

Our profile produces a 360 degree feedback and reflection tool that benchmarks both the skills and knowledge of the participant against top organisations. 


A set of comprehensive learning modules that cover Marketing, Strategy, Finance and HR in an engaging, interactive and informative way. 


A personal development tool that is used to develop and showcase the key skills and experience you need to become successful.

What sets us apart?

Behind all of our learning material is our unique Dialectyx Experiential Learning Format. We use a powerful role playing simulation to deliver case based learning using popular media.

Ideal for
“Truly revolutionary in its game and play approach pedagogy and it already seems to be disrupting the training and education market and contributing to student's employability skills development”

Eric CK Chan
Principal Lecturer - Management, Leadership, Teams & Organisational Behaviour / Experiential Learning and Business Simulations

Regents University, London

How strong are your Commercial skills?

Behind all of our learning material is our unique experiential learning format. Explore it and find out how your skills measure up in our quick 5 minute diagnostic.

Case Studies
University of Hertfordshire

We worked with the Engineering department to deliver our Certificate in Entrepreneurship to 500 first year students. The product encouraged students to think about their options after university and how they could showcase their experience for interviews.

University of Buckingham

Our Certificate in  Entrepreneurship was used on the introduction to entrepreneurship module at the University of Buckingham. It was embedded through their module and allowed students to learn about business in a blended approach.

Regents University

Delivered on the MA Global Management Programme at Regents University, we used our Certificate in Commerciality to help deliver an enterprising mindset to their MBA students to take forward into their careers. Regents chose to use a blended approach.

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