Mini-MBA in Entrepreneurship

How do you take your business to that next level? What are the key areas you need to look at to become more entrepreneurial and make your business a success? It’s essential to learn the specific entrepreneurial knowledge and skills you need, through authentic learning experiences.

The Mini-MBA in Entrepreneurship will equip you with all the tools & knowledge you need to take the next step of an exciting journey in the world of business.

Experience a unique learning programme to hone your entrepreneurial abilities through theory, practice and feedback.

“Very good programme. Brings clarity to all aspects of business and exposes areas that need improvement.”

Sheriff Tajudeen

Entrepreneur and Football business owner

What is in the course?

Latest research shows that businesses succeed or fail because of the quality of people or the quality of business strategy.

The Mini-MBA in Entrepreneurship measures and develops both the entrepreneurial skills and business strategy you need to be successful. 

As well as developing your entrepreneurial skills, you will receive a Business Strategy healthcheck that will measure the quality of your business strategy. Using this you will fast track your business development to create

  • a winning business strategy

  • Investor ready business plan

  • Customer ready growth plan

The course is interactive & experiential, you will learn by doing and in doing so you will acquire a powerful methodology that will allow you to continually analyse your business.

Over 90% of people who take this course improve their decision making and Entrepreneurial skills
Sample size: 2869
How strong are your entrepreneurial skills?

80% of businesses fail in first 18 months, developing your skills and business strategy can lead to success. 

Find out how your skills measure up in our quick 5 minute diagnostic.

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