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Business Acumen Accelerator

Our Business Acumen Accelerator workshop is a perfect addition to your Away Day.

An immersive, gamification-based training workshop, typically 2- 4 hours long, challenge participants to make quick, agile commercial decisions in a fast paced competitive and fun environment. Each workshop can be tailored to your needs and is built around our Real World business simulations drawn from popular media such as BBCs Dragons’ Den.

We work closely with you to ensure your overall learning objectives are met and the workshop aligns with your


organisations strategy. We can also work with your Subject Matter Experts to produce tailored client specific content to further enrich the workshop.

What is in the workshop?

The workshop typically includes:

  • Foundation and Advanced level case studies including Dragons’ Den simulations where delegates have to demonstrate the quality of their commercial analysis and decision making

  • Additional strategy, marketing, finance and leadership challenges

  • Leaderboards to make the session competitive, with prizes given out to the top performers

How has it been used?

An away day for CFOs at Saatchi & Saatchi that focused on executive, leadership and finance development. Participants worked together in teams and individually throughout the session using some of our most advanced case studies & content. 

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