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Unlocking Your Potential

Commercializing your ideas

This programme is an interactive workshop exploring ways businesses can develop new ideas, strategies and opportunities. It has been used as a session to react to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The overall aim is to pressure test and build your confidence in your next Big Ideas in order to rapidly position your organisation to thrive against competition. 

The workshop can be delivered either 1 day face to face or virtually over 2 days.

“Participants are taking ownership of tasks, really understanding what it is we're trying to achieve and why, and what their role is in that overall big picture...the beginning of the organisations potential to be fulfilled” 

Dekunle Rosiji, Group Executive Dir, Grand Oak Ltd


New business Ideas are founded on an Insight, a Team, a Business Model, Funding and Timing


We help you to build the Business Model and operating plan around your Big Ideas


We take you through a Dragons' Den simulation, then get you to build and pitch your next big ideas using the same framework

Our Dragons (Experts) then analyse how robust it will really be in the marketplace based on value proposition, customer segmentation, key activities and resources


You come with some big, bold ideas that need developing and testing


We supply the expertise, experience and framework to analyse the strengths and weaknesses in your proposition


You decide whether and how to go ahead. All outputs are yours

For Who?

MD considering a new acquisition, brand extension or product.

Commercial Director with an innovation pipeline that needs bringing to life

An Entrepreneur looking at new routes to market, digital channels and open space!

You are looking for the confidence to step out boldly in this risky environment and exploit the commercial opportunities at hand

  • Develop, review and revise up to 4 winning Opportunities for the Group to steer beyond just Resilience and Return into Reimagination and Reform

  • Pressure test granular business plans against our “Dragons” to ensure you have every angle covered and reach the confidence to go to market

  • Impress the critical investor’s eye across the top Leadership to enable deep, insightful assessment of your plans

  • Foster the agility, creativity and innovative mindset to disrupt the competition and create opportunities before they exist

  • Develop the intrapreneurial skills of an Entrepreneur!

Case Study


We recently partnered with the Ausso Leadership Academy to deliver an interactive workshop to Nigerian company Grand Oak Limited (Formerly Lexcel). The workshop explored how they could respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The workshop was delivered virtually over 2 days.


Lexcel Group is a well-established 3rd generation family-owned indigenous drinks business. 


Ahead of the workshop the group had driven development of a fresh 2025 Strategy intending to grow the business in areas such as regional expansion, international brands & production.

Broad Ideas were in place for big play. These were ripe for granular development, interrogation and pressure testing.

  • Organisation wide agreed actions and next steps

  • Example Business Model Canvas'

  • Expert panel feedback from day 1

  • Full worked up Business Model Canvas'

  • Polling results of ideas from the groups

“We now have a very clear understanding and understand what we are trying to do and why we are trying to do it.” 

Dekunle Rosiji, Group Executive Dir, Grand Oak Ltd

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