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Working from Home

Leapfrogging Forward

Leading the organisation to re-imagine and Reform

This programme is an interactive workshop exploring ways businesses can respond to potential scenarios and strategies. It has been used as a session to react to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The overall aim is to provide strategic, sustainable plans for various scenarios that might affect organisations, in order to steer the Group beyond surviving to thriving at the other side of the wave.

The workshop can be delivered either 1 day face to face or virtually over 2 days.

Day 1

Participants are given a short introduction with some theory, teaching them a Fast Strategy methodology for analysing their business and services. 

The main part of the workshop is applying that methodology the organisation under different scenarios. The aim is to highlight win/lose impacts and prepare value-creating opportunities for organisations where impacts are positive.

Participants are put into 4 teams that separate into breakout rooms with a facilitator to work on their individual scenarios. During this breakout session 

participants discuss their organisation and agree four winning segments for their business. These four winning segments are then developed in more detail by each team member individually using toolkits provided.

After the breakout session, each team return to plenary to present their findings to the rest of the group. 


  • A high - level grasp of what could happen to the Economy and Health in the face of various strategic scenarios

  • Explore positive and negative impacts

  • Identify and achieve alignment around winning Opportunities for the organisation to steer through Resolve,Resilience, Return and into Reimagination and Reform

  • Responses in a series of playbooks that can be easily activated and implemented in the event of Scenarios evolving.

  • These must be strategic and long term in nature

  • The agility, creativity and innovative mindset to disrupt the competition and create opportunities before they exist

  • The intrapreneurial skills of an Entrepreneur!

Day 2

The second day begins with a refresher of day 1s findings and any further plenary comments and reflections from the groups.

The same teams break out into their groups with their facilitators. Each team choses the best winning segment that they had highlighted from day 1.

They then build a response “playbook” that they as a business can implement if their scenario occurred. Each team are given a toolkit where they develop detailed response activities for the following areas:

  • Customer

  • Technology

  • Operations

  • Workforce

  • Regulatory

  • Financials

Image by Brands&People

When returning to the plenary session, each team provides a brief summary of their winning segment and effort for each response.

The workshop concludes with an overview of the next steps for the organisation to complete to ensure the work that they have produced is followed through and used.


The organisation receives the following outputs after the workshop:

  • Detailed descriptions and products for 18 Segments

  • Summary matrix for 18 segments

  • Playbooks: 6 Responses and their Activities for 4 Winning Segments

Virtual Delivery

During virtual delivery, instructions to register and test the equipment each participant needed are sent out well in advance. Each participant is also sent a pre read document to help prepare them for the workshop.

During the workshop we encourage as much discussion as possible and keep the engagement and interactivity high by using polls, videos and worksheets. 


Case Study

We recently partnered with the Ausso Leadership Academy to deliver an interactive workshop to Nigerian company Bovas & Company Limited. The workshop explored how they could respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The workshop was delivered virtually over 2 days to 18 members of Bovas Group including the Executive Board. See the video to find out more.

“The session has been engaging. Everyone had an opportunity to contribute. The examples you have given us are fantastic and very applicable. It was a global standard...” 

Iwadola Samson, Executive Director at Bovas Group

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