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Commerciality Curriculum

The Commerciality curriculum equips participants with tools, techniques and frameworks to effectively apply a Commercial mindset to their role in their organisation. 

All the Commerciality Programmes include the tried and tested Fast Strategy™ Framework highlighting best practice and exemplar companies together with optional tailored content.

The Programmes are delivered at 4 levels: Foundation, Skilled, Advanced & Expert, and all (not including Foundation, which is purely online) include online and workshop elements. Both the online element and the workshops are designed to be engaging, experiential and highly participative. They are structured with Theory, Practice, Feedback stages feeding on into Development. 

To intensify learning – and make it more enjoyable - the Curriculum is supported by integrated gamification features, mainly business decision simulation (both general and client specific). 

The online elements of the programs are modular and can be completed at the participant’s pace and time availability. Each online module includes opportunities for the participant to include their own written reflections, experience and challenge on topics. The workshops may be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

Curriculum Summary
Overall, the objective of each Commerciality Programme is to equip the participant with the capability to: 
  • Think and Act Commercially 

  • Understand and apply value-based decision-making

  • Create value for your organisation, deal with ambiguity and uncertainty

  • Be resourceful, innovative and creative 

  • Understand and work optimally with risk

  • Think and Act Differently for a different future

  • Make a difference. All employees make commercial decisions every day. It is the sum of these daily, individual and team decisions that determines the value of your organisation now and into the future. 

Programme Levels & Formats
Programme Levels

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If you want to get people to think and act differently about Commerciality, this will do it

Really enjoyed it, probably the most useful training course I have attended

Very thought provoking and a great 'Call to Action'

Really good course (Including pre-work) with a very clear learning I can take away, use & implement. 10/10

How it's been used

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