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Developing Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

This experiential workshop explores the key skills successful entrepreneurs demonstrate. We look at how decisions are made, analysing the processes and differences between individual and group decision making and the role of emotion, intuition and reason. 

During the workshop

Participants are taught a Fast Strategy™ Methodology, looking at the key areas that make businesses successful and understanding how using this methodology you can assess any business.

We then practise and apply this Fast Strategy™ Methodology in a set of interactive simulations using real world businesses drawn from popular media such as BBCs Dragons’ Den. Participants have to make decisions under time pressures in a competitive and engaging environment. 


  • Gain a better understanding of decision-making, business acumen and what makes a business successful

  • Explore the role of behavioural bias in decisions and methods for controlling them

  • Learn a simple but powerful, Fast Strategy™ methodology / expert script for assessing any business and identifying opportunities 

  • Practice the methodology on real-world authentic cases

Post workshop

Participants use the Fast Strategy Methodology they have learnt to create a report on either another business example which we can provide, or their own organisations.


Individuals use this methodology to create a detailed report that provides insights on the market they operate in, the competitive landscape and the risks associated.


They breakdown the organisations strategy and effectiveness, offering suggestions for opportunities to improve and grow.

Image by Carlos Muza

How has it been used?

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This workshop has been run with the MBA at the University of Hertfordshire for the past 10 years. 

Participants that have benefited from the workshop have been from a range of organisations from the Private and Public sectors.

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