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A different approach to learning

Our fundamental emphasis is on Experiential Learning, all of our programmes (online and workshop) have a Theory-Practice-Feedback-Development structure to energise the learning process. This approach quickly builds theory, with more practical, personal learning that comes from the individual insights through practising the rapid authentic decisions that your employees face every day.

To bring our learning to life we integrate business simulations curated from popular media such as BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Our Experiential Learning Engine delivers

business simulations incorporating gamification features such as leaderboards and 3D animation which actively engage participants in a challenging and fun environment.

Thoughtful design

Building on our extensive programme base, we design and deliver training that helps all levels of your organisation to become leaders. We ensure our training programmes are aligned to your organisational strategy so the outcome of our programmes delivers impact long after the initial training is complete.

Tailored to you

Whether you are looking for one off workshops or company-wide curriculums we work closely with you to understand your training needs and budgets to meet your goals.



To date over 70,000 learners have benefited from our experiential learning solutions. 

learners & counting…

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