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Fast Strategy, Intrapreneurship

and Business Instinct

This course integrates many aspects of management into rapid and authentic decision-making. As such, the conceptual content relates naturally to many core Business and MBA course modules; perhaps most particularly those dealing with Strategy, Organisation, Managing Innovation and Corporate Finance. In addition, the skills and intrapreneurship dimensions – how do you engender and implement true enterprise in a corporate setting? – link naturally to aspects of Organisational Behaviour. The role of corporate culture creating sub conscious bias in decision making is developed and given emphasis.


In the real world, decision choices come at you thick and fast. There’s rarely enough time to research and analyse a proposition as thoroughly as you would like. So how do you calibrate your business instinct so that the conclusions you make are still as sound as possible? And how do you make sure that your choices are enterprising, and oriented towards growth and new value creation, rather than “safe” (which often means negative)? This course is practical, fast and experiential. 


Participants learn to distil out the essentials of competitive and commercial strategy, link them with financial, organisation and people assessment, and apply them to go/no go decisions – with their own (virtual!) money in play in a “smart case based simulation” game. They are in parallel, immersed in a process of assessing and developing their own personal skills, thereby enhancing their effectiveness in whatever career setting they choose. Importantly, the process is fun and feels both exciting and real!

Learning Objectives

Enterprise orientation – “intrapreneurship” – is increasingly seen as critical for companies to succeed. The payoff comes not only from transforming the company’s own activities, but from improved understanding of customers/clients, and suppliers. This course will help you reinforce and practice critical enterprise strategy concepts, and enhance your personal Intrapreneurial/employment skills, within a “Business Acumen” model embracing the following elements:​

The course focuses on the specific challenges of achieving valuable change in slow moving organisations, including addressing the process of creating insight itself. 



  • How to calibrate both your Business Instinct and Quality of Decision Making

  • The key factors and their interdependence in creating value

  • That the core of value-added decision-making requires an analysis of financial choices

  • How to optimise decision making in environments of uncertainty and ambiguity

How has it been used?

The Fast Strategy, Intrapreneurship and Business Instinct programme has been run for the past 8 years on the Executive MBA at the University of Cambridge. 

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