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Intrapreneurship and Culture

This 3 – 4 hour workshop is designed to empower your people with a ‘start up’ mentality and demonstrate a culture where fast minds thrive. It helps participants to develop further you’re their skills and knowledge – so they can confidently and routinely ”Think and Act” as an Intrapreneur – and make fast, value-added decisions.

Workshop Breakdown

In this session we identify how being intrapreneurial means having a certain mindset and way of thinking. We then demonstrate that ability to think and act entrepreneurially in an interactive simulation.

  • Exploring what intrapreneurship is

    • In general

    • In your organisation

  • Essential concepts and skills for intrapreneurship

  • Practice making intrapreneurial decisions

    • Making decisions with incomplete data under time pressures

    • Develop good instincts, work well in teams and collaborate

  • Understand and be able to demonstrate an intrapreneurial mindset

  • Demonstrate fast decision-making and problem solving

  • Understand the Leadership role in impacting culture

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Business Culture


This section focuses on understanding and addressing company culture. At the end of this section participants should be able to highlight both external and internal culture and understand as Leaders how they can in impacting culture within their organisation.

  • Business Culture Discussion

    • Looking at both our organisation and exemplar organisations

  • Business Culture Theory

    • The four attributes of Business Culture

    • Understanding how we make decisions

    • Tackling unconscious bias

Intrapreneurship and Culture in Action


To bring the topics covered together we construct a group activity where individuals consider changes they can make to action intrapreneurship in context of the culture of their organisation. 

Participants then present back their findings to the group, with other participants commenting on the results and leading to plans of action to implement. 

How it's been used

Havas Logo.png

Havas is an Advertising and Media agency. This Intrapreneurship and Culture workshop was delivered as part of a wider Operational Performance program. This was delivered to emerging leaders at Havas, to help equip them with the tools and mindset to get the maximum out of their projects. 


The feedback from both the business and participants was positive. 

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