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Entrepreneurial Essentials

A self contained online programme that teaches a Fast Strategy™ Methodology and lets users assess and improve their own business. It is designed to provide participants with the starting knowledge needed to launch or develop their business.

Programme Need

Aspiring entrepreneurs often rush into launching their business without fully thinking through a business plan. This leads to a high level of failure within the first 18 months. This programme offers an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to launch a business.


The programme contains a framework and process to analyse their own business and spot gaps for improvement. Entrepreneurship Essentials was designed to help fill knowledge and skill gaps for entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurial Journey
  1. Learn the Fast Strategy™ Methodology - A knowledge acquisition section that includes theory, reflections and quizzes to test the user has understood the theory they have been taught.  

  2. Practise using Fast Strategy™ - An investment simulation where users apply the theory they've been taught to assess the likely success of a real business. This simulation uses clips from BBCs Dragons' Den.

  3. Assess your Entrepreneurial Skills - This is a self reflection exercise where individuals rate their own abilities and receive instant feedback on what they inputted and how they might continue to improve certain areas moving forwards. 

  4. Apply Fast Strategy™ to your business or business idea - Here the user analyses their own business idea, just as they did with the Dragons'Den business to help highlight areas for improvement as they start their journey as entrepreneurs.


Introduction Video


The programme is interactive and engaging throughout and includes simulations, quizzes and self reflection throughout to ensure maximum impact and application of learning.

Participants are asked to reflect on their entrepreneurial skills as well as analysing their own business idea. Both of these can be extracted and taken away to continually reflect and improve. 

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