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Tailored or bespoke content

We have a set of proven assets and solutions that have been used in many companies to improve Business Acumen/Commerciality. We also typically work closely with an organisations learning and development team and Subject Matter Experts to create client specific content to complement our generic modules.  

Typically tailored solutions create specific business simulations to highlight commercial problems your workforce face on a daily basis. Often the tailored modules include in depth interactive e-learning modules, using a similar structure to the generic modules, to highlight the key issues your organisation faces within the market it operates.

Commerciality Awareness Module - 2.png

Our team has years of experience in developing engaging, interactive experiences that meet critical learning objectives, so you can be sure that together we will find the right solutions you are looking for.

How has tailoring been used with our clients?

We worked with National Grid as part of their identified leadership behaviours and culture shift programme, rolling out our curriculum globally at 4 levels (Foundation, Skilled, Advanced and Expert) across the entire organisation. 

Working closely with National Grid's Subject Matter Experts to create approximately 30% newly created National Grid Specific content that supplemented our existing generic content. This new content was covered across all online courses and workshops. 

Commerciality Awareness Module.png
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