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Expert Level

A Commerciality Strategy Development Workshop for leaders

Course Overview

Blended Format – Approximately 8 Hours online – 2 day workshop


At the expert level participants gain access to an extensive Online Learning Environment. This includes:         

  • an E-Academy to extend their commercial knowledge; business simulations to put into practice their quality of thinking; 

  • video lectures covering commercial and strategic tools and techniques; 

  • and a range of useful pre-reading containing articles and thought leadership pieces. 


The workshop is a deep 2 day experience. Participants explore shaping the future: changing the culture, structure and operation of your organisation to release innovation, creativity and teamwork – for a different future.

The workshop is structured for participants individually and in teams, to engage in business simulations, theory topic discussions and exercises. These are all designed to bring out insights and actions for the participant to implement on returning to their day-to-day roles. 

The 2 days culminate in a Capstone project where participants have to consider all they have learnt and present an idea that will have real commercial impact for your organisation. These pitches are presented to everyone involved and feedback is given in the moment. We encourage the ideas for these to be tracked subsequently to ensure they have a good chance of being implemented. 

Image by Jason Goodman
Learning Outcomes
Image by Riccardo Annandale
  • Lead the development of the commercial strategy whilst demonstrating an exceptional understanding of customer needs. Deliver the very best customer and commercial outcomes to meet the needs of the business, our customers, the regulator and our shareholders.

  • Develop a Commerciality ‘Mindset’ – the implications, threats and opportunities. Create an environment for others to be successful commercially. Set and lead the tone to drive behaviours within teams.

  • Develop quality of thought. Make superior commercial decisions and judgements. Prepare for a customer responsive commercial future.

  • Leverage customer insights to create a compelling customer strategy which clearly demonstrates commercial opportunities.

  • Ensure the customer strategy delivers the current and future needs of the customer whilst delivering the growth strategy

  • Deliver the vision – reflecting on and developing appropriate changes to the culture, structure and operation to release innovation, creativity and teamwork for a sound future.

  • Think and act commercially in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. 

  • Develop an understanding of a Different Future for your organisation

    • How do we prepare for that different future? Including scenarios, generating creative strategies and changing cultural bias (habitus).

    • How do we create an environment for others in to be successful in a different future world?

    • The Overall Objective → Moving from “behind the pack” to “best in class” 

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