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Deloitte Case Study

The Deloitte Strategy Consulting Team selected Dialectyx to deliver an afternoon session for their full team Away Day at The Hurlingham Club, London.

The session was entitled 'Strategy for Entrepreneurs'.

The session was structured for the Deloitte Strategy Team – at all levels from juniors to Partners - to work through four business simulations – featuring curated Dragons Den ™ cases - of increasing analytical depth.

Mixed level groups worked in teams. Each team completed Worksheets featuring expert scripts to structure assessments of the key elements of the Commerciality framework (Markets, Competitors, Risks). The session was competitive and featured LeaderBoards, structured feedback and prizes!

Deloitte objectives from the session

  • Practice problem solving performance 

  • Create an edge to the Strategy team members’ business instincts

“A Stroke of Genius, my strategy consulting team had a great time and you could watch the improvement over the day” 

Dean Arnold, Partner Deloitte

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