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Virtual Business Acumen Accelerator Workshop

Delivered for Leicester Castle Business School


Virtual Business Acumen Accelerator workshop delivered to 30 post grad students in 5 different countries for Leicester Castle Business School. 

The three hour session was designed to be fast, attention grabbing, experiential and fun. 

Attendees from Five countries

Including India, China & Thailand


Key Features of the Virtual Delivery

  • Delivered using Click Meeting

  • Lots of interaction throughout

  • Regular use of 

    • Polls

    • Videos

    • Individual interactive worksheet

    • Chat function

  • Workshop structured into short exercises

  • Real-time leaderboard with prizes

“Thanks Jack and Andy - Great session” 

Leena Dattani-Demirci

Head of Professional Development at Leicester Castle Business School

Content Overview

We started the day with a short introduction.  Participants were given an overview of how to use a Fast StrategyTM methodology to analyse businesses, products and services.  Our facilitators made sure this section was engaging but concise to allow us to spend the majority of our time in the main part of the programme. 

Participants applied that methodology to real world business cases. They were each given a pot of virtual money that they would decide to invest or not in a number of businesses that they would see. 

Participants experienced 3 real-world business simulations using clips from BBCs Dragons’ Den. They watched the business pitches, then had to analyse the cases using an interactive worksheet and ultimately make a decision whether or not to invest in the business. 

They were next shown what the Dragons themselves thought of the business and if they chose to invest. Subsequently, this was then followed by looking at what happened to the business a few years later;here participants could see how much money they earnt from their investment. We finished each case by looking at key learning points that could have been identified from the information provided. 

“Thank you so much” 

Chalita Amornchaipiriyakul, Participant

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