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Emerging Leaders program

Operational Performance at Havas

The Operational Performance program was delivered to emerging leaders at Havas to help equip them with the tools and mindset to get the maximum out of their projects. It focused on the ability to assess your market, make more effective decisions and think beyond their boundaries through the application of tools.

Havas operates in markets that are extremely competitive, we therefore designed a program that enabled participants to understand how to outperform competitors as well as being able to apply key skills and knowledge to help drive Havas forward. 

It was important to use this as an opportunity for participants to step back from their extremely busy daily roles and take a wider view of their business. This helped them to think differently, spot new opportunities and create greater value for Havas.

Program Breakdown


Before the workshop participants were offered online theory in the following areas:

  • Business Development - Key tools that will help you identify and address opportunities to deliver value and growth

  • Operational Management - A framework of theory, tools, and processes for continuous operational improvement

  • Finance - A look at the key elements of finance and tools that will help you make better decisions

  • Project Management - Project management tools to help reduce and manage risk

Throughout the online work participants were asked to reflect on how each of the tools can be used to improve their business. These reflections can be provided in a report to the business. 

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“I will be able to approach new projects in a way that will mean I can maximise the reward for the agency” 

Sophie Amodio, Account Director, Havas London


In the workshop participants practised the theory and tools they had learnt further in areas covering:

  • Exploring Operational Performance – A deep dive into what Operational Performance means in your organisation and to you individually 

  • External effectiveness – Understanding the market that your organisation operates within and looking at how you can beat your competition

  • Internal efficiency – Focusing on the tools and techniques that can help to improve project success, processes and organisational performance

you-x-ventures-Oalh2MojUuk-unsplash (1).
  • Operational Performance in action – Pulling it all together in a live organisation specific simulation 


During the workshop the participants took part in exercises such as Business Simulations (both general and Havas specific), open discussion, as well as group work and presentations to tackle the topic areas. 

“I feel I understand more about developing business opportunities and have a broader understanding of how to apply operational management tools in my specific agency.” 

Nicola Lilley, Senior Account Director, Havas SO

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