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Case Study

KPMG approached us to design a full day session that would fit into their graduate induction two day event with their 500 new auditors to be run over a 6 week period in different locations around the UK.


We needed to create something that was both applicable and engaging to the graduates, but also easy to run and manage due to the large number of graduates taking part. The solution delivered needed to enable the graduates to learn more about how a business works, develop their business acumen, work in teams and demonstrate their presentation skills. KPMG wanted our training solution to fit around the other induction tasks they were delivering to make it feel like one succinct package that fit together. 

Using our solution we split the day into the morning and afternoon and made the morning a focus on working in teams and analysing business cases to develop their business skills and develop an understanding of how businesses work. The afternoon gave the teams a product/or idea which they then had to research in teams and deliver their own pitch as if they were the entrepreneurs from the cases they worked on in the morning. Based on the quality of the research and their presentation skills the staff would decide whether or not to invest in them. The session is wrapped up with a leaderboard and prize giving to show who showed the best quality of thinking in the morning session.

Minimal training was needed for KPMG, we delivered a short 2 hour train the trainer session as well as supplying some additional instructions packs. All of the sessions were delivered by KPMG staff successfully with some minor technical support.

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