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Lloyds Banking Group

Case Study

Lloyds Banking group approached us to deliver a short 2.5 hour intern induction workshop to their interns which would take place at the end of their summer internship. 

Lloyds Banking Group wanted to deliver a session to their 300 interns that had a focus on judgement, influence and drive, it also needed to have an additional focus on the importance of engaging


and building trust, striving for improvement and adopting a customer perspective. 


The result was an experiential team activity where the interns were split into different groups and were given 3 case studies to analyse and choose to invest in their teams. The focus of the case studies always came back to the principles that Lloyds Banking Group highlighted in the brief, especially good judgements and adopting a customer perspective.


The session was wrapped up with a leaderboard and prize giving to show who performed the best in the case studies in the events. Dialectyx facilitated and delivered the event in London.

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