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Case Study

We were approached by Manpower to design a management and leadership development workshop with their 30 heads of their metro branches around the country.

Manpower wanted some of the training to be completed in teams and that these teams would be in their individual metro businesses. We wanted to include a training exercise that would give each individual a reflective output as well as a development plan for their businesses that could be applied over the following months.

We split the workshop into two halves, the morning a focused on working together in their teams completing case studies. The afternoon session revolved around their individual development. This included individual advanced case studies as well as some exams and peer assessments to produce their own individual Personal Skills Profile for reflection and development moving forward.

We also ran an exercise that asks the different metro teams to talk about their businesses using the methodology that they had learnt throughout the day. This enabled them to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their individual metros and share ideas for best practice. The final result of the workshop was an action plan for each business to implement in the next 3-6 months.

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