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National Grid Case Study

“The energy sector is undergoing transformation. It faces greater change and uncertainty than ever before, which brings fresh challenge and new opportunities” 
John Pettigrew, CEO National Grid
“Think and Act Commercially”:
How delivering this key Leadership Behaviour drives National Grid’s global capability to deliver its new strategic priorities

Following his appointment in 2016 as CEO, John Pettigrew’s fundamental re-evaluation of the strategic direction of National Grid identified Commerciality as one of the priority capabilities to strengthen the delivery of the company’s strategic priorities.

Skills and Knowledge gap

There was an identified Commerciality Skills and Knowledge gap across the regulated and non-regulated businesses.  A clear need to equip all employees with the right Skills and Capabilities to shift the Company’s culture to create sustainable value-based decision making.
The National Grid Commerciality Steering Group was charged to Build and Deliver a global capability framework and curriculum to addresses the needs from a basic level awareness through to specialist training. 

National Grid Strategic Priorities

  • Find new ways of optimising our operational performance 

  • Look for opportunities to grow our core business

  • Make sure National Grid is better equipped for the future

Impact from Commerciality transformation

  • A cultural shift to value-based decision-making

  • Empowered decentralised leaders

  • Accelerated path towards achieving the firm’s strategic priorities

A global Commerciality Curriculum  

Dialectyx was selected to build and deliver the global Commerciality Curriculum. The Dialectyx solution was chosen because:

  • The experiential learning engine was completely different from the usual PowerPoint based content

  • The extensive existing content and framework enabled a fast build of National Grid specific content 


The Dialectyx solution included:

  • Online and Workshop based Commerciality skills and knowledge Curriculum across all employees – at 4 levels (Foundation, Skilled, Advanced and Expert)

  • Commerciality Awareness Module

  • Process and data review - A critical review of data and its use to deliver customer value 

  • A company-wide Commerciality Review – with implementation plan to accelerate the cultural shift

  • An Expert Customer-Commerciality Curriculum

It is the sum of decisions made by every individual every day that creates the value of the organisation. 

This is the quantifiable Impact of decentralised decision-making

Fast – building and delivering 

Dialectyx Built and Delivered a 4 level Commerciality curriculum using our off the shelf generic curriculum which was mapped onto the National Grid learning objectives. 

This was integrated with bespoke National Grid (NG) specific content which we designed working closely with their SME’s and included NG case studies, E-Academy modules and quizzes

Delivery Formats


4 hours online learning

4 hours online learning
Full day workshop


4 hours online learning

Full day workshop


~ 8 hours online learning

2 day workshop


The curriculum’s main focuses are:
  • How to make better value based decisions

  • Creating value for their organisation

  • Thinking and Acting Commercially

    • Exploring commercial subjects such as segmentation and beating competition 

    • Developing insights and innovations

  • Thinking and Acting Differently for a different future

  • Challenging habitus – Exploring how our personal and company biases can skew the decisions we make

Key features of the build and delivery of the curriculum include: 
  • Off the shelf curriculum using generic E-Academy and case based simulations

  • A configurable Experiential Learning Engine using

  • Real world business cases using TV quality cases

  • Gamification

  • Theory, Practice, Feedback

  • Customisable client specific content

  • Expert Scripts that can be developed and used in their day to day roles

  • Mixture of online and blended learning interventions 

  • Powerful Analytics to measure the impact of the programme

“If you want to get people to think and act differently about Commerciality, this will do it” 

Commerciality Workshop participant

“I and my team have been transformed by this programme”

Commerciality Workshop participant

Commerciality Awareness Module

Working with the Commerciality Steering Group and Academy Dialectyx created a Commerciality Awareness Module -  a short 30 minute interactive communication piece for all employees. It explained what Commerciality was in the context of National Grid and why it was so important. 
The module also acts as a promotion of the curriculum and includes examples and tasters.


Full roll-out of the Curriculum in the UK commenced in Q3 2018, following successful pilots at all levels both in the UK and US.

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