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Partners Capital Case Study

Partners Capital approached Dialectyx to deliver a half day Leadership and Fast Strategy workshop workshop as part of their Global Group’s away day for 90 employees in Kensington. 

The group included the entire workforce that covered different levels of seniority and experience. The aim of the training was to enable all employees to think strategically in a similar fashion. This is something that Partners Capital felt would have great benefits across the business. 

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The workshop was delivered using our experiential Business Simulation and we split the employees into teams of 4 and 5 with a cross section by level and location. 

The workshop was pacy, enjoyable and was positioned as developing participants strategic thinking and decision making and how that can improve their business. Participants were given a pot of virtual money to choose to invest in a business based on their strategic analysis using our experts scripts. 

The process mapped very clearly to how they think about conducting due diligence on investment managers for inclusion in their client portfolios. Throughout the session we ensured that the workshop linked to the firm’s strategy conclusions that were reached earlier as part of their overall away day.

The session was wrapped up with a leaderboard and prize giving that showed who had demonstrated the best strategic analysis and value based decision making. 

To finish we encouraged employees to discuss the various possible applications of what they had learnt in the session to Partners Capital as a business. Examples that were discussed included looking at the application of the analysis to their own competitive and marketplace positioning, with a focus on having an enhanced understanding of their client’s situation and issues. 

“The session was very well received by our team and the link to the steps in our due diligence process worked well” 

Managing Director Global Client Management

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