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The Overview

PARTICIPANTS: 30 MA Global Management students

PRODUCTS USED: Certificate in Commerciality 

The Client

Regents University approached us to deliver two half day training sessions that had a focus on developing the essentials skills students will need for a career in business. 

 The Brief

Regents University wanted the session that would be delivered in the classroom to their 30 students to: 

  • Start building Business Acumen: the skills and knowledge which successful employees, managers and leaders consistently demonstrate

  • Understand what makes a business successful, gain insights, spot opportunities and are able to make effective business decisions

  • Begin to develop their Business Acumen to become more effective at an early stage professionally 

The Result

The result was two sessions that were delivered in different semesters. The first focused on gaining a basic understanding on business tools and techniques through case based learning in teams. The second session focused on delving far deeper into learning the knowledge business and focusing on Marketing, Strategy, Finance and HR. Using a mixture of E-Learning and advanced case studies (with additional due diligence and challenges) the session was designed to stretch the students abilities as they were coming towards the end of their masters. 

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