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Skilled Level

Understanding and Applying Commerciality

Course Overview

Blended Format – 4 Hours online – 1 day workshop


This section gives the participants a competitive base of Commercial knowledge, tools, techniques and exercises that enables participants to start to Think and Act more commercially. It challenges their thinking to reflect on their personal role within the business and how they can create value commercially for their organisation. 

Learning Outcomes

The Skilled Programme has a particular focus on equipping the participants to be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of value and the drivers of value

  • Make a difference in their day to day role - Applying the Commerciality framework in their day to day role to drive value 

    • Working in partnership

    • Spotting opportunities

  • Build appropriate business models to win in an increasingly competitive market and meet the needs of the customer 

  • Understand how as individuals they can impact the commercial success of their organisation

  • Understand how we behave differently as individuals and consider behavioural decision-making biases

  • Understand the implication of doing nothing/responding slowly to market changes


During the 1 day workshop, participants build on the topics covered in the online pre-work and explore, discuss and share ideas to help drive Commerciality in their roles. 

Whilst some theory is shared in the workshop, it focuses on practical application of the knowledge acquired from the online work. 

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